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Welcome to My 50 by AS 50 Blog!
Well met, friends! In an effort to stop collecting UFOs (UnFinished Objects), I have decided to jump on the 50 by AS 50 bandwagon. I have a nasty habit of getting excited about a project, getting the materials together, starting it, then running out of steam. I'm tired of having all of these partially finished things cluttering up my house, so I am hoping that this will be the motivation I need to get stuff done. So, without further ado, here is my list:

Key: Not started - pale orange; In progress - orange; Finished - red

1. Finish the velvet Tudor swete bag and enter it into competition.
2. Stitch and finish a blackwork belt favour for myself with something representing my principality and shire offices, as well as my interests and emblem.
3. Submit my name, device and badge to the College of Heralds

4. Make a book to use as a "prayer book" for my Tudor persona
5. Embroider a velvet book cover for my prayer book
6. Take the velvet swete bag apart, finish embroidering all sides and re-finish

7. Design and make the champions' scrolls for Lionsdale's rapier and bardic champions (awarded at Winter Tourney, 2010)
8. Embroider a blackwork needlecase for my persona (slight change of plans - the one I started will now be for mirth_matter , as she has given me madder-dyed silk to make my own!)
9. Make a new smock for Wulfstan
10. Embroider the neckline and cuffs of Wulfstan's new smock

11. Weave trim for Wulfstan's grey undertunic
12. Weave complementary trim for the hem of Wulfstan's blue undertunic
13. Weave trim for Wulfstan's navy wool overtunic

14. Make trim for my grey Norse apron
15. Do a seam treatment for my grey Norse apron (chain stitch in navy wool)

16. Gather the past reigns' signatures for the Tir Righ scribal binder (have 7 so far)
17. Make my blue herringbone and red linen apron dresses (1/2) (also made a white linen apron)
18. Make my pale blue Norse undergown (I made a royal blue undergown, using a website's pattern and am quite pleased with it.  The pale blue will be made once the craft room is organised)
19. Make a satchel for Leif (Geoffrey), as he's been pestering me for one (picked out the fabric and deciding on the trim for the strap)
20. Begin running scribal contests at Coronet events (both wordings and charter design) for the remainder of my tenure as Tir Righ Chief Scribe (first contest is this weekend!).
21. Teach Geoffrey to stitch (taught him running stitch)
22. Teach Emily to stitch (taught her couching and running stitches)
23. Learn how to and do a small piece of Opus Anglicanum (doing a freehand daffodil, likely for submission at next year's Daffodil Tourney in Seagirt)
24. Finish the process of negotiating with a Laurel to become her student
25. Learn needle felting from Little Thora

26. Finish my bog coat (just need to sew the trim on!  ETA: I gave the trim to Viscountess Kenna, as she had a greater need.  I'll do something else to embellish it.)
27. Teach Wulfstan to make a bog coat (While I did the cutting, Wulfstan was there to see how it's done)
28. Repair all of my Italian Ren gowns (0/3)
29. Chart the design for my tent stitch heraldic Tudor swete bag

30. Learn one hand with my left hand in calligraphy (3/1 - turns out I can do a passable Uncial with my left hand!  I also learned Carolingian Miniscule and Blackletter)
31. Learn a second hand (maybe Gothic) right-handed  (2/2 - turned out to be Batarde)
32. Finish my Norse festoon
33. Make 50 pieces of largesse (41/50)
34. Paint 50 charters (32/50)
35. Design 10 charters/scrolls/invitations (7/10)

36. Make a Tudor corset
37. Make a Tudor farthingale
38. Construct a French hood
39. Submit a full entry in Tir Righ A&S Championships

40. Join the An Tir Embroiderers and Embellishers Guild
41. Acheive the rank of Craftsman in the E&E Guild
42. Learn and become proficient at 5 new stitches (3/5)
43. Embellish a Tudor forepart with beads and pearls

44. Research 1534 Tudor sumptuary law to discover what a woman of my station was allowed to wear
45. Construct a set of Norse garb for Andrew (Hrafn) completely by hand (smock, under tunic, over tunic, pants)
46. Perform a song at a bardic circle (I've done that three times now, once at a private bardic fire, once at Sealion War's bardic fire and once at Sing For Your Supper)
47. Teach Wulfstan to weave (we've discovered that he hates warping the loom but tolerates the weaving part)
48. Develop a TUTR class (I've developed two now and am at work on a third)
49. Teach my TUTR class at least three times (Blackwork: 2/3); Beginner's Charter Painting 1/3)
50. Photo-journal my projects for this blog dedicated to this project

So, there you have it.  My five year plan for utter insanity.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!
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Opus Anglicanum is REALLY easy. I took an ithra class on it ages ago, I'll have to see if I can dig up my handout for you. I know Aelana Cordovera does it, as well.

Who is Little Thora? The only Thora I know is the Viscountess.

Handouts would be a lovely thing to reference, thank you!

Little Thora is also known as Thora Danasdottir. She's 12 and the lovely, self-possessed child of Aldgudana Gunnarsdottir. I don't think anyone is too young to teach or too old to learn, so I look forward to this chance for both of us :)

Ahh ok, I know her! I just only knew her real name, not her SCA name. :)

And I agree with you on the no one is too young to teach or too old to learn sentiment, too.

I also have some cochineal dyed silk if you'd like it. :) I'm learning that I love brickstitch much more than blackwork, so I'm looking for heavier threads.

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